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  1. Without panic, but with hope
  2. Premier League start waiting
  3. News from Cyprus
  4. For the season we are preparing in the Cyprus
  5. Championship finished on the 6th place


Andrejs Kaļiņins
Head coach

Mareks Zuntners
Assistant coach
  • +371 28276366

Jurijs Ksenzovs
Team doctor

Marks Hramovs
Member of the Board
  • +37122037388

Olegs Hramovs
President of the Club

Gheorghe Codita
Fitness coach

Dzmitry Molash
Assistant coach

Viktors Spole
Goalkeeper coach

Dāvids Jansons
General Manager
  • +371 26443904

Nikolajs Djakins
  • +371 29639725

Main pitch


Stadions “Daugava”, Piejūras parks, Liepāja, LV-3401


Budžets FK Liepāja FK2018GP1 FK2018GP2

FK Liepaja budget

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