Optibet Virsliga team FK Liepāja played their last game in the season against FK Ventspils. Though it did not make much difference in the tournament table, Liepaja has won 1:0.

In the first three games of the season between the teams, each team had a win and one draw. Today the match started by three-four good attacks from Liepāja, with a great moment by Vugars Askerov, who fired a ball from close range. At the end of the half, Ventspils took over the initiative, with Gugg Palavandishvili, Anastasij Mordatenko and Eduard Tidenberg hitting from excellent positions. Ventspils residents also hit the post in one of the episodes. However, the Liepaja players did not fully turn off, occasionally making good counter-attacks.


The turning point of the match was 64 minutes, when Raivis Andris Jurkovskis opened the score for Liepāja - 1: 0. However, in the context of the bronze medals, Ventspils was rescued by the fact that Metta had made a fantastic match against Valmiera Glass / ViA (3: 3) in the parallel game.

For the rest of the time in Ventspils, the Liepaja players continued to focus on counter-attacks, with wasted moments from Richard Emek Fraiday and Vugar Askerov. At the other end of the field, Ventspils, despite being dominated by the ball, was unable to break the goal of Krišjānis Zviedris.

As a result, Ventspils was able to win a 21st set of medals in its history as a member of the Virsliga, with great difficulty and success. Only in 1997 and 2017 Ventspils did not receive awards. Ventspils won bronze medals for the ninth time in history. Liepāja, on the other hand, overtook Jelgava in the sixth position.


“Ventspils” – “Liepāja” 0:1 (0:0)
Goals: Jurkovskis 64`.
Yellow cards: Palavandišvili 16`, I. S. Stuglis 86` – Fortešs 37`, Ivanovs 38`, Zviedris 90`+1.
Ventspils: Mahnovskis – Mamahs, Batišta, Ļotčikovs, Tīdenbergs, I. S. Stuglis, Mickevičs, Svārups, Mordatenko, Vilella, Palavandišvili.
Liepāja: Zviedris – Ivanovs, Jemeļins, Jurkovskis, Lūks, Fortešs, Ķigurs, Ziemelis, Čudars, Faidejs, Askerovs.
Referee: Ivars Caune.


Author: sportacentrs.com

FOTO : Mārtiņš Sīlis