Hard work and a lot of time spent preparing for the new season. Everyone was looking forward to the start of the season, scheduled for March 13, when last season's surprise Valmiera FC would host Riga FC, but due to the virus COVID-19, Optibet's Super League Championship start was canceled. 

FK Liepaja were planning their first game of the season in Daugavpils, where they should meet well-known BFC Daugavpils football players. 

On the evening of March 12th, at an extraordinary meeting, the LFF decided to cancel the start of the championship by April 14th at least. 

This week, in a slightly more relaxed atmosphere, both the Upper League clubs and the Latvian Football Federation are beginning to identify the losses as well as to mark the desired start of the season in a positive situation in the country. The start of the season is now postponed to May 5, of course, if the state is lifted on April 14 and the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus is over. It has even been discussed about calendar changes.

In preparation for the season, FK Liepaja spent two training camps in Cyprus and returned from them on March 1, followed by training in Liepaja, the reserve area of the Daugava Stadium, where they also tested their strength against the nearest reserve or double team.

After a state-of-the-art emergency in the country, FK Liepaja's head coach gave players 3 days off to relax and calm their minds, but on Monday everyone returned to the field, practicing behind closed doors and up to 30 people. Nowadays, the Liepaja players are no longer taking them out, and each player has an individual program to keep himself in shape and ready for the start of the season. 

Everyone on the team feels good and no one has a health problem, and even the players understand everything and are aware of what is happening in the country and around the world, so there is no panic.

Of course, it's hard, get ready for the season and wait for the first game, because it's always a holiday. This time it's all paused and for an indefinite period, but hopefully we'll be able to go out on the field soon and show what we can, a brief comment was made by head coach Andrei Kalinin.


Author: fkliepaja.lv

FOTO : fkliepaja.lv